Green Toys race carsMy love runs deep for Green Toys and for good reason. Their sturdy, inviting toys made from recycled milk jugs never fail to make my kids squeal with delight. But the new addition to their line has me as happy as it does my kids.

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Their brand new eco-friendly race car toys
are simply awesome. Made with the same detail as their bigger trucks
and toys, these cars come in three colors – red, blue, and pink. Yes, pink. They race quite well on hardwood floors, and even though they
don’t have rubber grippers on the tires, these cars keep up just as well
with ones that do; no slipping and sliding that I’ve seen when the
bigger Green Toys trucks get pushed the same way.

Best of all, they’re appropriate for kids 12 months and up, and if you’ve
done your race car research, mamas, then you know that any toy car suitable for kids under 3
is nearly impossible to find. Until now. -Kristen

You can purchase the recycled plastic Green Toys race cars at Cattiwampus. And Cool Mom Picks readers, use code CMP20 for 20% off non-sale items.