Chocobunnies from VosgesGuess what, mamas? It’s American Chocolate Week! Or at least the end of it. The way we see it, you just have to suck it up and do your patriotic duty by gorging on chocolate, right?

If you love chocolate as much as we do, here are some of our favorite picks from the past for every occasion. Because we’re all about helping you celebrate the very important holidays of this world.

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Crio Bru

For moms who want cocoa without the calories: Crio Bru
This “drink of the gods” brews up in your coffeemaker and will blow you away with taste, smell, and an antioxidant punch. It’s one of our favorite recent picks–and a reader favorite too.

Divvies does allergen-free chocolate
For kids with allergies: Divvies
long been fans of this dairy-free, nut-free, sometimes gluten-free
treat mecca run by parents with an allergic kid themselves. Right in
time for Easter, their allergy-free bunnies are now available for
cruelty-free munching.

Vosges truffles

For chocolate-loving foodies
: Vosges
you want a delicious toffee bunny (shown at top), need some kosher
chocolate-covered Matzo, or even a chocolate-and-bacon specialty pancake
mix, Vosges is the place to get it. And their gourmet truffles? Curry
powder and paprika were never put to such good use.

Make Your Own Chocolate Kit
For Do-It-Yourselfers: The Make Your Own Chocolate Kit
like an entire day at the museum. And bakery. Learn about geography,
economics, history, and ethnobotany, followed by a tasting session.
Smart way to justify eating chocolate with your kids.

Fine & Raw
For the socially conscious and eco-minded
: Fine & Raw
writers were bowled over by this amazing chocolate, hand-made in
Brooklyn from fair-trade cocoa then crafted to preserve as much health
and deliciousness as possible. It’s not your average movie-theater
chocolate bar.

If you want to learn more about the fabulous, antioxidant-filled treat that is chocolate, check out the new The Story of Chocolate website.
With facts, pictures, and videos, it’s actually pretty entertaining–
plus, it’s brought to you by the Chocolate Council of the National
Confectioners Association, which sounds like something Willy Wonka
might have made up. I started watching the video on how chocolate is
made, and my preschooler clung to my side, fascinated that the inside of
a cacao pod actually looks kinda like something you’d never eat. And yet…

Ahhh. –Delilah

Congratulations to Amanda V for winning a humongous chocolate gift pack, courtesy of the Chocolate Council of the National
Confectioners Association. Yum!