Knuckleheads clothing boys suspenders
Just when I was about to complain about how girls always seem to get the coolest accessories, our stylish friends at Knuckleheads launches their spring collection, and looky what the newest trend is for the cool boys in your life.

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Whether you’ve got a skinny kiddo who puts even those adjustable elastic waist bands to shame, or you just want to add a little style to your son’s regular old jeans and t-shirt get-up, these awesome little boys suspenders will do just the trick. I think it’s a brilliant alternative to fumbling around with a belt when the bathroom calls, especially if you’re potty training.

And if you’re thinking your girls would dig something like this, fear not, mamas. They’ve got a selection of rockin’ girls suspenders too. -Kristen

Purchase these cool boys suspenders at Knuckleheads. And get 10% off your purchase + free shipping over $40 with “COOLMOM” Hurry, these sell out fast!


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