For one brief night in third grade, I was Wonder Woman. Though my polyester Halloween costume was pretty unremarkable, I loved those superhero wrist cuffs that had the power to deflect everything from bullets to spit balls.

Now I have two Wonder Girls of my own who still love to rummage through the dress-up box whenever my younger niece stops over. And I know that they’d jump the tallest building when they check out the cutest handmade cuffs that are sure to stop anyone in their tracks.

These ZOMG! adorable Girl Power Superhero Cuffs from a talented British Columnbian mama have the power to turn a boring trip to the supermarket or a rainy afternoon indoors into an adventure-seeking mission. And the prices–I can’t get over it. I’m pretty sure I’d never get them off my niece’s little wrists so I’m thankful they are made of soft eco-friendly felt that will still feel good after naptime.

Though maybe you should tell your own Supergirl that they aren’t allowed to have lime-green hair like their cuffs until they are old enough to drive their own invisible plane.

You’ll find these Girl Power Superhero Cuffs, along with loads of other dress-up costume accessories, at Her Flying Horses. If they’re sold out, you can convo the artist to make more.