Grow your own easter grassEvery year I decide this will be the one where we will finally avoid that annoying plastic Easter grass that somehow makes its way out of the baskets and all over my house. But this time, I really mean it. Because we grew our own.

Since trying out the Easter Grass Kit from Spots and Ladybugs,
we’ve got four baskets full of beautiful green grass that no Easter
bunny could refuse. These smart little kits come with all you need to
grow two basket’s full of grass. You simply line your kids’ baskets with
foil, and then take the coconut husk disk, which when mixed with water
makes a fine dirt. Dump the dirt into the baskets, sprinkle the
grass seeds, and cover with plastic wrap. Done.

In just a couple of days
you’ll have grass that grows surprisingly fast, even if you’re like me
and have a black thumb. Seriously.

Your kids will have as much fun filling their baskets with dirt as the
Easter bunny will have filling them with treats, which, by the way, will
sit in the grass – not in a mound of dirt. And best of all, you won’t
be picking up plastic grass all around your house in July. Sweet! -Kristen

You can purchase an Easter Grass Kit at Plum Party. Just make sure you order in time so you have a good 2-3 days for the grass to grow!