I’ve got one word for you: Heartsy.

Oh, and a few more words: Etsy, like Groupon, and huge discounts on awesome handmade stuff.

Sold, right?

It’s called Heartsy,
and you get the picture. You give Heartsy your email. Every day, they
send you one outrageously deep deal on handmade stuff from an Etsy
artist. If you like what you see, you buy the deal. And then you spend
all day long ogling, choosing, and putting things into and out of your
shopping cart with glee, finally using your voucher to buy the pretties.

this moment, deals include 60% off natural bath and beauty products,
64% off lingerie and corsets, and 58% off some canvas paintings that
would look phenomenal in a nursery, especially with that hot Maclaren
nursery bedding we covered last week. And those little birdies up there
are 60% off too, along with yummy kids clothes from The Nutmeg Tree.

are you still reading this when you could be signing up? Go, sign up!
And if you refer a friend, you get $10. So start referring already. I
predict there will be lots of hearting Heartsy.~Delilah

Join Heartsy now for deep discounts on awesome Etsy goods.

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