Brady Rymer Love Me For Who I AmIf you know a child on the autistic spectrum, you know how special they are and maybe even some of their personal day-to-day struggles.

It seems fitting that on World Autism Awareness Day,
I let you know of this soon-to-be-released CD from CMP favorite (and Grammy nominee) Brady Rymer with
lyrics that will touch your family and point out so many ways kids with autism aren’t all that very different from any other kids you know.

Oh, and the music is awesome too.

{keep reading for a chance to win this new CD}

This is a project Rymer took on after performing for children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome at NJ school Celebrate the Children for the last ten years. Kicking off with the soft-rocking title song with the straight-to-the-heart words, Love Me For Who
I Am
, this ten-song CD bops, strums, and gently rocks with songs relatable to different-abled children, though I’m pretty sure any child will see themselves in the lyrics.

In fact, I listened to the first half of this CD before reading any of the liner notes and thought he captured my non-autistic son perfectly with songs like Picky Eater and I Don’t Like Change. I think this is a great CD to play as our children go out into the world and meet kids of all abilities. 
For kids on the autistic spectrum, I can only imagine how amazing it will be to hear this CD and identify with so many songs. This is no “poor me” CD, but a celebration throughout, with Laurie Berkner appearing on Soft Things, and the amazing Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame keyboardist Bernie Worrell funking things up on Tune Out. I smiled throughout Keep Your Wiggle Alive which I would love to see live for all the moves I’m sure it brings out in the crowd.
Though so many of us have moved to digital downloads, I think the liner notes that come with the CD are too great to pass up. Not only do they include the songs’ lyrics and incredibly touching quotes from kids, but the CD art by Zoe Kakolyris, an artist with Asperger’s Syndrome, is full of joy and sweetness. –Christina
Preorder Brady Rymer’s Love Me For Who I Am at our affiliate Amazon—it will be released on April 12, 2011, so you won’t have to wait long. 5% of profits will be donated to Autism Speaks. Also, please check out last year’s World Autism Awareness Day post for other great ways to help kids with autism.

Congrats to Kelli C. for winning a copy of Brady Rymer’s Love Me For Who I Am!