The Feelings Show
I consider myself fairly tuned in to my kids’ emotional health but I must confess, I don’t really know what to say to an angry six-year-old in the heat of the moment other than Stop hitting that! Which is why I’m glad some other moms have come to the rescue and developed an intelligent, age-appropriate and truly fun DVD that helps kids understand the why’s behind what they feel. Plus it gives them tools for dealing with their feelings, and makes them realize that they aren’t alone. All in one beautifully produced package.

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The Feelings Show is an almost hour-long DVD program that stars a super-smiley woman named Ruby–a cross between the happiest preschool teacher ever and your kids’ most-fun aunt. With a supporting cast of some not-annoying-at-all kids (seriously), she leads them through discussions and art projects that help them outwardly express what they are feeling inside that come to life with music, art, cartoons, and lots of facial expressions..

This is the first video of a series called Ruby’s Studio and I was blown
away by the product quality, animation and even the guest stars: Mel
Brooks voices a cartoon, Elizabeth Mitchell provides an original song, and even The Love Boat’s Isaac makes a cameo!

The brainchild of some smart moms who wanted to produce quieter, gentler and more intelligent fare for kids to enjoy during screen-time, the DVD is a great teaching tool for all kids. I’d also imagine that it will be useful for those who may have trouble recognizing different emotions, such as kids with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.
Lucy Ladybug
While I generally have no interest in buying licensed character dolls to go along with a DVD, I’m actually impressed by the  Sid Snail and Lucy Ladybug plush dolls, each made in the U.S. of organic, natural and recycled materials. The emotion we felt when we saw them? Love. Christina
You’ll find The Feelings Show DVD, as well as Sid Snail and Lucy Ladybug plush dolls at our affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to Kristin P. for winning a copy of The Feelings Show AND both Sid Snail and Lucy Ladybug organic plush dolls (so freaking cute!)

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