All the Bugaboo talk this week is about the new Bugaboo Donkey double stroller –that oddly-named, but coolly-designed single-to-double convertible stroller that our Editor-in-Chief Liz got a sneak peek at a few days ago at the US launch at New York’s Giggle. Yes, it’s a gorgeous, pricey, joy-inspiring feat of modern engineering. And we’ll have a proper review coming out shortly, when we’ve had a chance to test it out ourselves and not just push it around a store floor for six seconds.

But there are some other, albeit smaller, Bugaboo developments, too. Especially for those of you Bug fans looking to save a little money.

They can be summed up in one word: color.

bugaboo special edition tangerine
Bugaboo special edition green
bugaboo special edition pink

Four new Bugaboo Special Edition colors
are rolling into baby stores this month, and the best part is, you
don’t have to buy a brand new stroller to enjoy the pretty spring
shades. If your stroller needs an update for a second kid (or a fourth
year), the canopies and bassinet aprons are available as accessories
for your Bugaboo Cameleon and Bugaboo Bee. Find them in a bold purple, pale pink
and spring-y tangerine, with a pretty light green as a Buy Buy Baby exclusive.

love the idea of giving a stroller a simple and not-too-expensive
makeover. And purple? Gorgeous. I’m better off keeping the news from my
daughter, though. With a purple stroller she might never agree to walk.

Find the Bugaboo Special Edition colors coming to boutiques and specialty stores any day now for the Bugaboo Bee and Bugaboo Cameleons. But they’ll only be around for a year!  As for the Bugaboo Donkey, get yourself on a waiting list now if you’re interested, through shops like Magic Beans and Giggle. Full review coming soon.

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