Cool baby girls' outfits for Easter
Around Easter, little girls’ outfits at the boutiques can start looking a bit fancy-pantsy. Patent leather and pressed ruffles are all well and good, but the baby girls I know have usually preferred something a bit softer. And sassier. 

Hopefully the Easter Bunny will get the memo and put this cheeky treat in the Easter basket.

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This Pink Chicken Elephant Dress and Diaper Cover at Arte Bebé is
cuteness personified: hot pink elephants paired with a stripey,
matches-just-enough diaper cover. Whimsical, funky, and sweet–all in
soft cotton knit, so baby girl can stretch and move every which way when
she’s searching for all of those hidden eggs. Or get her hands on a
ginormous chocolate bunny.

Let’s just hope it’s warm enough to wear it come Easter. Fortunately, it will still look cute all summer long -Lexi

Cluck over the pretty Pink Chicken dress at Arte Bebé. Click “subscribe” during checkout and enter SPRING2001–you’ll get 15% off through 4/14 (it’s a private sale just for subscribers and Facebook fans).

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