Playful Learning Spaces e-course
My kids have some of the greatest toys in the world. In one of the messiest playrooms in the world. If there’s anyone who needs some design and organization tips, it’s me. And I’ve found just the resource.

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Mariah Bruehl’s inspiring Playful Learning Spaces e-course
has a new session starting on April 13 and it runs every Wednesday for
six weeks. Sign up and learn design thoughtful environments that encourage
kids to learn and create.

It may sound like a tall order, but with weekly updates that include a
video, assignments, relevant links, opportunities to connect with other
participants on Flickr, and inspiring Pinterest
boards, there’s certainly no shortage of information to help you do
just that. Plus the info remains available long after the course is
over. Which is nice to know on those nights when something –or, in my
case, more likely, a little someone— might get in the way of completing a week’s assignment.

Whether you’re a homeschoolers, teacher, or just a mom like me
who needs some hand-holding in the quest for order, I hope you’ll bet
here. I will be. And my kids won’t know what hit them. (Particularly
since it won’t be some wayward toy falling off a crowded shelf as they
walk past.) Stephanie

Congratulations to Lauren B. for winning a spot in the upcoming Playful Learning Spaces e-course!


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