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We’ve so enjoyed being a part of the More Birthdays
campaign on behalf of our amazing sponsor, the American Cancer Society. Over the past few months, we’ve shared some of the ways you can send a personalized celebrity birthday wish to anyone on your list. (Seriously it’s cool! Try it out. )

To round out the campaign, here are just a few of our recos, to help you pair the next birthday boy or girl on your list with the very most perfect More Birthdays video artist.

For your cool tween niece or nephew: Justin Bieber + Usher

Who could have imagined one of the single best dance remixes of 2011 would be the Happy Birthday song.

[don’t miss more great celebrity birthday videos after the jump]

For your cool aunt: Aaron Neville
No one can resist the gorgeous crooning of one of our all-time R+B faves.

For your bff from high school: Debbie Harry
One of the more recent additions to the More Birthdays roster, Blondie herself. 80’s flashback!

For your bff from college: Weezer
Awesome, we know.

keith urban for more birthdays
For your mom: Keith Urban
Oh that accent. She will love it, trust us.

For your abuelita: Ricky Martin
little Compleanos Feliz in Spanish with Ricky on drums. And
if grandma isn’t down with the 2.0 thing, you can send it as a recorded
phone message too.

For your Facebook friends: Rihanna
She wins the prize for cutest birthday video for sure. This would be sweet posted on someone’s wall.

For your friend who’s too cool for birthday wishes: Jack Black
we all know someone who’s like meh, don’t even wish me a happy
birthday. But if this rendition doesn’t make you smile, nothing will

The videos are free–but it’s a sweet idea to make a donation in your friend or family member’s name before you hit send. With your help, soon we’ll have a lot less cancer and a lot more birthdays. -Kristen+Liz

We thrilled to be working with our fantastic sponsor, the American
Cancer Society, to help spread the word about their very cool MoreBirthdays
website. To send your own free personalized birthday greeting from
singers, or find other fun ways to wish someone a happy birthday, visit

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