Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
It only took one episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution to suck me in for the entire season, and it wasn’t just his cute face and adorable accent. The chef-crusader’s passion for making real changes in the eating habits of our kids is compelling. And this season, he’s heading to a big city to rally the support of the community.

If you’re not familiar with Jamie Oliver, this dad and chef is enthusiastic about making healthy foods accessible to everyone, especially our kids, which is especially timely given the alarming childhood obesity rate in this country. In the first season of Food Revolution, he headed to a small West Virginia town and made waves in his effort to change the school lunches at both the local elementary and high schools.

Let’s just say it’s not easy in this country to get something to “count” as a vegetable besides frozen reconstituted french fries.

This time around, he’s headed to Los Angeles to rally support from the community and educate the kids and families in the hopes of getting healthy lunches in the Los Angeles Unified School District. If you’ve been following the press about it, and the pushback he’s gotten from the schools there, this next season is sure to be as enthralling as the first. Which means I’m pretty sure I know exactly where my butt is going to be every Tuesday night. -Kristen

The new season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution premieres tonight on ABC. Check your local listings for air time. And tell us, will you be watching? 

[Ed note: This show is the reason my five year-old now eats salad. Go! Watch! -Liz]

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