My Haggadah Made it Myself
Of all the Jewish holidays, I’d imagine Passover is the one many kids love best. If you’re my kids, then it’s like having crackers and grape juice for dinner. Dream holiday! I always love finding fun ways to get them involved, and have recently found a Haggadah made just for kids that does that very thing.

The My Haggadah Made it Myself
is a brilliant little self-published book from Francine Hermelin
Levite, and if a publisher is smart, they’ll snap it up stat. It’s an
interactive journey through the story of Passover, with stickers,
imaginative writing and drawing prompts, and a smart, fun tone that
never gets silly or patronizing.

If Taro Gomi made a Haggadah, this would be it.

My Haggadah Made It Myself
Creative kids of all ages will love exercises like drawing in a suitcase all the
things they would pack in a hurry, or tracing the hand of the person who
cooked the Seder dinner. And it will be so fun to pull out year after
year. I also appreciate that the dreaded tenth
plague is handled delicately.

can either spend $24.95 for the heavy stock, spiral bound book
including stickers, or save a few bucks and download it as a PDF then
print one out for the kids at your Seder. (But be cool–don’t share the
PDF with the world. You’re supporting a small author, yo.) Personally,
I’d go for the book, but order now.

Thanks you Francine. My kids are now not sure if they’re more excited to draw
in the faces of the four children (not sons, ahem) who ask the four questions; or sing Dayenu off-key with Grandma.  Liz

UPDATE: The Haggadah has been updated for 2012. You can now get info about My Haggadah Made it Myself on the website or
the Facebook page, and purchase through our affiliate Amazon. If you’d like more info or want to pick one up in person in NYC, email the author at f_hermelin[at]


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