personalized lunch boxesRemember back when lunch boxes were actually metal? I had a Holly Hobby one I adored (no cracks about my age, please!), though if I’d had the option of having my name on the box I probably would’ve happily chucked Holly for that.

Name Your Design is covering eco-friendly, lead-free tin lunch boxes in cute designs featuring your child’s name. But that’s not the only reason they’re cool.

They’re taking the retro metal lunch box
one step further with a chalkboard surface inside the lid. Write a
sappy note, draw a little picture, or remind kids to turn in their

metal lunch boxesHey, if it’s too embarrassing, they can erase it
before their friends see.

They’re also perfect for art supplies, collections, or
various treasures. (Unexpectedly awesome and reusable Easter “basket,” anyone?) And
that’s good to keep in mind if the price seems a little steep. While they’re expensive compared to canvas, these large, sturdy metal boxes will
outlast lunch sacks in both durability and useful application. Just
don’t change your kid’s name and you should be all set. -Mir

You can check out all of the personalized metal lunch boxes at Name Your Design.