Social Kidpreneurz Awards from Yes Kidz CanYou might remember when we told you about YesKidzCan!, the folks who are helping your kids figure out ways they can start changing the world for the better right now. We love their mission and their Act of Kindness kits, but now they’re taking it even further.

Check it out: They’ve just launched the Social Kidpreneurz Awards,
and it’s all about helping kids give back to society in creative ways
that work for them. Applications are open now and run through June 1,
2011; fifty recipients will win $100 of seed money apiece to fund their
“business-like activity that raises money to help solve social
Does your kiddo have a great idea
about a way to help others? Fill out an application, and there may just
be a grant coming your way to get you started. Once again, it’s such a
good idea, we totally forgive them the Zs. -Mir

Check out the Social Kidpreneurz Awards over at YesKidzCan!.