Petit Collage ABCs postersJust when I thought an artist couldn’t do anything new or inspired to the good old but very played out alphabet decor, artist Lorena Siminovich of Petit Collage wows me with her brand new poster prints.

These new ABC poster prints are making
me wish I had another nursery to decorate. I’m partial to the
Transportation ABCs, which is welcome design-y change to the babyfied
truck decor or the real life construction vehicle art. Though I admit that the
Dress-Up ABCs is pretty darn cute too and works well for a baby nursery or even a toddler room too.

You can purchase the prints framed or unframed, but take it from me and my house full of yet-to-be
framed art prints and let Petit Collage do it for you. It’s worth the extra bucks to
me to be able to pop a poster out of the box and right up on the wall. -Kristen

Purchase the new ABC poster prints at Petit Collage.