chocolate zombie bunnyThere is no joy like a frozen hollow chocolate rabbit. All year, I long for crisp milk chocolate that crumbles in with every bite. But have you ever wondered why they’re hollow? Have you ever wondered what happened to their… BRAAAAAAAIIIIIIINS?

We did. And we think we’ve found the culprit.

Two words: Zombie Bunny.

Think Geek has done it again with the Chocolate Zombie Bunny.
He’s made with 8oz. of solid white chocolate and comes complete with
exposed ribs, blood spatters, a queasy green patina, and one seriously
crazy, edible zombie eye.

The good news? We’re pretty sure he only eats other chocolate rabbits. The bad news? He’s currently sold out. For the second time.

You can add him to your wishlist
to receive an urgent update on the outside chance a plague of zombie bunnies once
again overruns the ThinkGeek offices in time for Easter. Until then, I recommend hiding all
of your other chocolate bunnies, preferably in my freezer.~Delilah

Check out the Chocolate Zombie Bunny and dream of finding him in your basket, surrounded by carnage.