This is Damn Fine Tea!For over 2000 years at least, civilizations rose and fell, wars were won and lost– all for tea. And now, it’s a just another rack of brightly colored, shrink-wrapped boxes at the supermarket.

That’s a damn shame. But Damn Fine Tea is trying to bring tea back where it belongs: to the realm of obsession.

Instead of buying tea in impersonal little bags and gulping it down before the kids need us and it goes cold, the makers of Damn Fine Tea want us to savor every step of the tea ritual. Their packaging is clever and beautiful. The directions are simple. And the tea is loose, so you actually have to see it, smell it, touch it. Take joy in the texture and aroma of the carefully chosen, blended, and processed leaves. Savor the steaming cup. And even wear the awesome “Brewed n’ Tatooed” temporary tattoos included.

I love The Mermaid’s Kiss, a scented oolong tea from China with a light, sprightly green aroma, as well as Captain Assam’s High Seas Elixir, a hearty, cozy black tea from India. And although I would never have considered myself a fan of oolong or black tea before… now, I am. 

Every edition is limited and hand-processed. so there aren’t tons of choices. And the price reflects that. But in the past week, tea has become a small haven for me from the constant storms of motherhood. When I take the moment to prepare and drink a cup, I give myself a gift. If you’re interested in elevating your tea from beverage to object of worship and trading quantity for quality, you can’t do better than Damn Fine Tea. ~Delilah

Find limited edition hand-processed teas at Damn Fine Tea which would make a very cool Mother’s Day Gift for a very cool mom.