GoodWood Deconstructive Blocks
We’ve got no shortage of toys in our house, but of all the ones my kids consistently play with, their simple set of building blocks win over anything else they own every single time.

So when I saw the GoodWood Deconstructive Blocks, I knew my kids would flip. Because I did.

These super cool blocks are ethically made in China from forest-friendly rubber wood, and painted in beautiful bright colors using water-based acrylic paint. The sets feature cool shapes that allow kids to get super creative with their structures, which is a nice change from the typical squares, rectangles, and triangles.

Each set (like Mulch Heap, pictured–I know, not the sexiest name) can be perfectly entertaining on its own, or combined with another set for even more entertainment. And while the suggested age is 3 and up, even my 2-year-old had a blast with them.

What I love most is that there’s absolutely no right or wrong way to play with these blocks. Just pure creativity at its very finest. Or funnest. -Kristen

Purchase the GoodWood Deconstructive Blocks exclusively at Moolka. And visit the AroundSquare site to learn how you can purchase discounted sets for donation to orphanages and schools in developing countries.


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