Power of Fruit natural popsiclesWith the weather getting warmer, the big treat around our house is popsicles. Sometimes we make our own and other times, I’ll splurge on the fruit juice-only ones from our supermarket, even though I know they’re loaded with sugar. But now I’ve found an awesome popsicle alternative with only 5g of sugar per serving that my kids actually love.

I was just whipping through my grocery store freezer section when I saw the Power of Fruit bars and decided to give them a try. They only contain fruit – that’s it. Nothing else. Seriously. Hence the super low sugar count. And guess what? They were a hit!

Now, if you’re looking for a super sweet treat, these low-sugar freezer pops might not kill that craving; think frozen fruit (which my kids happen to love as a snack) in bar form rather than an ice cream dessert. But as far as the kids are concerned, Power of Fruit bars are shaped like push pops, which makes them slightly neater and somehow much cooler than eating a handful of frozen blueberries. -Kristen

You can learn more about Power of Fruit bars and snag a $1 off coupon at their website, plus find a store close to you that carries them. I found mine at my local Publix here in Atlanta.