Bee-Free Honee Vegan HoneyBack when my oldest was a little baby, I remember a frantic phone call from my mom reminding me not to give the baby honey. Little did she know that I’d already been warned oh, four hundred times by all of my pregnancy and new mom books.

But recently I was introduced to a special vegan honey that’s safe for kids of all ages.

Bee-Free Honee is made from apples and a little bit of cane sugar and has a syrupy, slightly tart taste that really is good, even if it does taste different than the real thing. It has a thinner consistency too, which means I needed a bit more than my regular teaspoon full for my evening
honey to get the same result, but I’m definitely liking the taste.

Minnesotan Katie Sanchez actually created her honee by accident, but the result was so delicious that she honed her recipe into something that’s become popular with vegans, parents of babies, and bee-allergic folks. Here’s to delicious accidents. -Kristen

You can purchase Bee-Free Honee at our affiliate or check their list of Minnesota retailers if you happen to live there!