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Do you have any advice for Mother’s Day gifts for divorced mothers? My partner has two young children with his ex-wife. . .and this is their first Mother’s Day being really split up. She’s a wonderful woman and a wonderful mother. But, seeing as how I am something of an outsider in this, I don’t want to overstep my bounds. What sort of Mother’s Day gift is appropriate? – Alexandra

Hi Alexandra, what a thoughtful question! We think that a personal Mother’s Day gift from the kids would be a lovely gesture. We’ve looked through our Mother’s Day Gift Guide and our past Mother’s Day Gift Guides  for inspiration and selected some of our favorite ideas that could still be ready by Mother’s Day next week.

At minimum, a handmade or custom card (at top) will let her know the kids are thinking of her. If they are old enough, have them sign their own names or maybe put a messy (but precious!) baby handprint in there instead.
Blank Board Book
If they are old enough to put their thoughts into a book–or at least cute scribbles–this blank board book at Romp makes a very personal gift. 
I Made This For You book
We also love the I Made This For You book that lets the children create something special for their mother.
Turn a special drawing from the kids into a set of custom magnets from kids artwork that she can then hang on her refrigerator. There’s still time to order for Mother’s Day!
Tiffany  Bookmark
Kids too young to create something? Insert a cute photo of them into an elegant Tiffany bookmark for a special gift.
Check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide or check out our archives by searching “Mother’s Day” for more ideas.

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