Spring allergies are a) here, and b) not just a human misery. If you have pets, you probably know what I mean when I say I am really, really tired of falling asleep to the arrhythmic snorfling noises of my dog scratching and biting furiously at her itchy skin.

I was so excited about this natural dog shampoo alternative I found at a local shop, I couldn’t wait to write about it. And that’s saying something.

Shampoo can just exacerbate the issue, unless you use a shampoo gentle enough to actually help and not introduce new irritants. And that goes for people too.

DERMagic organic shampoo bars are awesome for pollen allergies and general destinkifying of our four-legged friends. I’ve been using Lemon/Eucalyptus (super yum!), and have also dog-tested Rosemary/Lavender, and Peppermint/Tea Tree Oil shampoos, each handmade from certified organic ingredients. Which makes me feel better about having it around the kids.

And though my dog could not care less, for every 10 shampoo bars purchased, DERMagic plants a tree. Each 3.5 ounce bar costs $7.95 and lasts a super long time–far longer, I suspect, than your pooch would like. -Barbara

Find organic pet shampoo online from DERMagic

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