As much as I love Threadless, I only need so many t-shirts, y’know? But it was only a matter of time before someone would realize that the model of letting the community submit artwork and then vote submissions up for production would catch on for other products, too. Like these greeting cards at Chirply

Both the way the submissions and voting process work, and the wacky designs seem to take a page from my beloved crowdsourced t-shirt website, only here I can buy as many cards as I want. Because hey, there’s always a reason to send someone a card, right? Right.

I’m totally digging this Party Monster card, but if it’s not your thing, I bet you can find something that is. Or if not, get creating–your design could be voted up and turned into cards, notebooks or even wrapping paper. Awesome. -Mir

Check out Chirply to start exploring cool artist designs for cards and more. And use code “coolmompicks25” for 25% off your order through 5/31.