When I first saw photos of the handmade kids’ moccasins from super talented designer Susan Petersen, I got that tingly, fidgety feeling I get when I see something I really want. But when I saw them in person, let’s just say that tingly feeling switched to jealousy–because they don’t come in my size.

The moccasin-style slippers at Freshly Picked are butter soft, yet beefy enough that should your kid want to run outside in them on a summer night, they’re going to hold up just fine. They’re also great for pre-walkers–sizes start at cute little 2s.

I love the traditional brown on boys, but the vibrant colors are so fun too, including some swanky metallic choices.

Freshly Picked Moccasins in gold metalic

Each pair is handmade to order, but the price isn’t bad considering the amazing quality and craftsmanship. Even Kourtney Kardashian thinks so–Mason owns the cutest little pair in tan.

Find handmade kids’ moccasins online from Freshly Picked and make sure to check their sizing chart for the perfect fit.