Buggy Socks stroller handle covers
I’ve been a fan of the latest and greatest baby gear for a long time. But now I think I can say I’ve seen it all because I’ve just opened up a package of Buggy Socks. They are exactly as the name describes: Cotton socks. For your umbrella stroller. Well, for the stroller’s handles, to be precise.

Okay, so the concept sounds a little strange. But think of what these things can do for you.

Got an old stroller that needs a makeover? Buggy Socks. Got a cat
that likes eating the foam on the stroller handles? (Or is that just my
crazy cat?) Buggy Socks. Got the same stroller as everyone else at the
playground and want yours to stand out in the crowd? Buggy Socks. The
possibilities–however comical they may seem at first–are endless.

Buggy Socks are machine knitted and hand finished near
Barcelona, Spain from 100% cotton thread. They feel soft and comfortable
when they’re on the handles. And the great colors and patterns look so
cute, you just might find you go from laughing at me for even mentioning
them, to buying yourself more than one pair. –Stephanie

Get socks for your stroller handles at Buggy Socks.

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