Charlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond
If you’ve ever read The Pioneer Woman’s blog, then you know this woman is slated pretty much to take over the world. With cookbooks, an autobiography, and a TV sitcom in the works, now Ree Drummond has turned her world-conquering master plan to the world of children’s books, this one featuring her beloved dog Charlie.

Charlie the Ranch Dog tells his own story of life on the ranch through cute art by Diane DeGroat. Ree’s ability to bring her photos of Charlie to life on her blog is seamlessly translated to simple, kid-friendly prose highlighting the challenges of life on a busy ranch as a short legged, bacon-loving dog (aren’t they all?)–all with a very subtle message about how everyone is important, regardless of shape and size.

While the book is aimed at kids 4-8, I’d say the sweet spot is younger; my 4-year-old has been asking me to read it to him every night for bed time. And rightfully so; it’s cute and simplistic with no hard and heavy “moral of the story.”

Unless that moral is don’t eat too much bacon or you might be too sleepy to catch a hungry cow. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad lesson to learn. -Kristen

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