Tooth Fairy Keepsake
The tooth fairy made another visit here this weekend, and while we’ve been pretty satisfied with her—she’s only been late twice with three kids—I’m not so happy with how lackadaisical I’ve been about keeping track of the moments that represent the transformation from toddler to big kid.

Want to remember those tooth-fairy days with a special keepsake that your kids will probably hang onto a lot longer than the quarters under their pillow? I’ve found that very thing.

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Handmade artist Kata Golda’s Tooth Fairy Keepsake: Under the Pillow Pocket and Memory Book is a super-cute way to keep track of all those tiny baby teeth and turn the moments into a fun little ritual.

Tuck the tiny tooth in the bunny’s soft, handstitched overall pocket (cute!), and then pull out the paper Memory Book to record the details. The whole thing slips under the pillow which makes it a lot easier for the “tooth fairy” (ahem) to find the tooth in the dark of night. Trust me, she’ll thank you.

Given how much we’ve loved Kata Golda’s gorgeous, but pricey, holiday stockings, my wallet did a little woop! at seeing how reasonable this keepsake is. If I could go back in time, I’d give it to each of my kids before their first dentist appointment. -Christina

Kata Golda’s Tooth Fairy Keepsake is for sale at our affiliate Amazon. You can also find it at Chronicle Books.

Congratulations to Kristin F!  She won a super cute Kata Golda’s Tooth Fairy Keepsake Pocket & Memory Book, as well as her Stories for Bedtime Keepsake Pocket.

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