I’ve been looking forward to a new, full-length release by Lucky Diaz since I got a little sample of their sound on the EP Luckiest Adventure. C’mon, the band that created the infectiously fun Blue Bear? I knew they’d be able to put together something worthwhile.Oh Lucky Day!, the first full-length CD from LA’s Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band proves that this trio is ready to jump into the kindie music scene with both feet.

Kicking off with Say What? a hugely fun scat-fest featuring a perplexed (and adorable-sounding) daughter of Lucky Diaz, Oh Lucky Day! then slides into a bunch of happy-pop songs that showcase Lucky’s mellow voice and easy-to-sing-along choruses.  The gooey middle of Oh Lucky Day! will likely appeal to younger kids most, with loving lyrics and sway-in-your-seat beats. But, as the CD heats up toward the end, on the rocking Race Car (my favorite!), Gato Astronauto and Let’s Dance, you may find your wee ones zooming around the room.

I tend to lean toward “the faster, the better,”  so this CD is overall a wee bit more mellow than my typical fare, but I am admittedly a bit older than the main target audience.

Most of this CD will play for both boys and girls though I had to skip Pretty Princess before my son could reject the chorus. And the next song, Light Beams, sings to “daddy’s little girl” though the sentiment, about time passing so quickly, is one we parents of any gender can appreciate.

So, hand claps for Lucky Diaz making the jump to a full-length CD. Now let’s see if they can top that great Blue Bear video.

Either download a copy of Oh Lucky Day! at itunes or buy a hard-copy from our affiliate Amazon

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