Piggy Banks
My daughter is 4, and we would love to get her a piggy bank that has the spend, share, save theory, but we can’t find any that fit that bill. We’d also be willing to just get a regular piggy bank, but then we would like one that is a little cooler than your average ceramic pig. -Melissa

Ooh, good question! We think it’s great to start teaching kids the value of saving and sharing early. One of our favorite options for this type of saving/spending bank, Learning Cents, is unfortunately no longer available, but we did find some options that you and your daughter may like.  -Christina

Princess bank

The Princess Money Manager was recommended by our editor Liz, who got a hold of a sample a while back; her daughters love it since they can easily see exactly what they have saved inside each section. I like the gist of the message “A Princess Loves to Save” on the side, even if I could do without the Barbie-esque silhouette. (Please note that the home page opens to music, so you may want to turn down your computer’s volume.)  
Moonjar Moneybox

The Moonjar Moneybox has color-coded sections to make it easy to save, spend, share. And  the site’s additional educational materials could be brought out when your daughter is a little older—that’s a nice way to go beyond simply saving coins.
Two Piggies piggy bank

I love how cute the two piggies by Materious are with the bigger piggy bank for spending and the smaller one to save for others. (Or the other way around?) And since they won’t “stand” without the other to lean on, there’s a nice implied message about how we all need to support each other in all we do. Sweet.
Follow up: 

Thank you so much for your response!
We are leaning toward the two cute pigs – big for spending and small for saving.

I appreciate your help,

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