Why am I a fan of organic baby products? To put it sweetly, sometimes our daintiest parts get the angriest. I really care about the kinds of products that go in those dainty places.

Now there’s a new line of super-pure skin softeners from Australia that we think you’ll love, especially if your baby has problems with eczema, cradle cap, dry skin, or diaper rash. Or even if you mamas have skin issues yourselves.

Every product from miniOrganics is formulated using the most
comprehensive organic standards in the world. That means no GMOs, no
pesticide residues, no petrochemicals or sulfates or parabens. And it
also means they work like a slippery dream.

One of my favorite products is their Calming and Hydrating Mist,
a pure, chamomile-based hydrosol that is perfect for soothing an angry
red diaper area. I especially like it for those so-called “velcro poops”
that would otherwise use an entire box of wipes. (You know the ones.) I also love the
certified organic Superfine Jojoba, which you can dribble into a bath
for skin softening and soothing, or use it to gently scrub off pesky
cradle cap. It’s like liquid gold.

But my most very favorite miniOrganics product has got to be the Pregnancy Essentials Nourishing Body Oil.
I’m a big proponent of skipping all the chemicals and just using oils
as moisturizers, and this one has seriously upped the ante on making my
skin glow. It’s a rich mixture of oils from jojoba to rose hip to
avocado, blended in with some soft, pregnancy-safe essential oils for a
natural but luscious scent that makes me think of Cleopatra rising from
an anointed bath. At least, that’s what I tell myself while I’m drying
off with the ratty, kid-wet airplane towel and stepping on the bath

The only caveat? These luxurious, ultra-pure organic
products are pricey. Still, if you’re looking to seriously pamper angry
skin, your stretching belly, your cracked nipples, and your baby’s butt will thank you.~Delilah

Find organic baby products and goodies for pregnant and nursing moms online at miniOrganics.


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