My little ones were much happier in an upright position but usually before they were able to actually do it safely on their own. So when I heard Euro parent fave (and ours)  Mamas and Papas had launched an infant positioner seat, me, my back, and my baby were more than happy to give it a try.

Their new infant positioner called the Baby Snug has made life much easier around our place since it arrived. Like similar seats (think Bumbo), you just pop your 3 month old or older into the seat so he can enjoy being off his back or stomach. However, you’ll notice that the Snug’s more sleekly designed leg holes are a little bit bigger, to accommodate those chubby little thighs that might have been squished in other seats.

I like the tray which is handy for snacks or attaching toys, and the fact you can actually take out the inner seat to make it bigger so it can last through 12 months or so.

Let’s face it–it’s nice to be able to to keep your baby in one place for a little while so you can pee in peace. Heck, you might even get to shower too. -Kristen

You can purchase the Mamas and Papas Snug seat at Babies R Us.

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