The last thing that the world may be waiting for is another stroller brand. And yet Mamas & Papas is not new to the world–just to the US. As of, oh, about right now. And I actually was waiting for it. For real.

After nearly 20 years, Britain’s number one baby brand is ready to make its mark on the states and I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Mamas & Papas is still family-run and having had the pleasure of meeting that very family, I was charmed by their commitment to safety, style and meeting the real needs of real parents. Especially after getting a tour of their fabulous baby gear.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010Their stylish stroller line includes affordable umbrella strollers that are going to give Maclaren a run for their money for sure with an entry model starting at just $129. Convertible strollers range from the Luna Mix at $299 (it folds totally flat for you Mini Cooper owners) up to the snazzy Urbo (shown) at $499 which is for those moms who are drooling over Bugaboos but would rather put that extra cash into a 529 plan instead. I gave the Urbo stroller a whirl around the showroom floor and was impressed with the maneuverability and smart design, and I really love the optional accessories–check out the stroller liners which keep the baby comfy, and keep your stroller looking newer, longer. (Ugh, wish I had had one of those early on.)

And yes, Mamas & Papas convertible strollers work with the top infant seats so you can really get your money’s worth from birth on up to when the kid is old enough to push you in the stroller. Provided you’re under 50 lbs.

Mamas & Papas Ripple Bouncer

There’s more to Mamas & Papas than strollers though. The bouncersΒ prove you don’t need to subject your kid to garish neon colors just to get all the bells and whistles (literally) you might want. There are also two gorgeous modern high chairs, and smart diaper bags that the man of the house–or helpful grandpas–won’t be reluctant to carry.

Welcome to the US, Mamas & Papas. We’re glad to have you here. Be sure to have the apple pie. And don’t judge us all based on the Real Housewives.Β  –Liz

FindΒ  stroller line
, bouncers, and baby gear from Mamas & Papas through their website or online at Babies R Us.

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