Right now, our bathtub is like another toy chest and ohmygod do I wish I was exaggerating about this. Random pots and Tupperware purloined from the kitchen, squeezie orcas and penguins, and bottles of bubble bath (which ceased actually containing bubble bath months ago)–they’ve all found a home in the tub.

I’m looking to evict some of these squatter tub tenants. And I know just which amazing bath toys to replace them with.

These Boon Creatures are a set of four soft, squishy, and cute toy cups–heads with little eyes and fins, and bottoms with tails and flippers–that kids can mix and match to create any sort of sea animal they want. Like a crabsealopus.
Or a whaleosquid.

Phthalate-, PVC-, and BPA-free, every part of the set is an actual, working cup, which means if you’ve got multiple kids, there are enough water containers–and pour-ers–to go around. It’s also a smart set to keep at the grandparents’ house, since they don’t take up a ton of room but do provide all the fun.

I know our tub-slash-toybox will never be the same, once our kids see how much they’ll now have to actually play and bathe.

Go fishing for Boon Creatures bath toys at Amazon.

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