Martha Stewart Collection ice cream bowlsThere has been a perceptible increase of ice cream consumption in our home over the last week. In fact, once the weather gets warm, I don’t think a day goes by without my kids asking for ice cream.

(Yeah, it’s for the kids.)

The folks from Martha Stewart were kind enough to send me this little set of ice cream bowls
recently as a way of saying Happy Summer, and we’ve been giving them
quite the workout. They really are very pretty, and the small size keeps
portions in check. While the accompanying spoons are a little small for my own (appetite)
mouth, the kids love them. Plus it’s been nice having some small,
unbreakable melamine bowls around for maple syrup, sour cream and

If there’s one thing my girls like as much as ice cream, it’s dipping things. –Liz

Find the Martha Stewart Collection ice cream bowls now on sale at Macy’s online for just $14.99.