TinyUs paperdoll card - help kids with disabilitiesI’m a sucker for beautiful vintage-y paper dolls; they’re the perfect antidote to the plugged-in life my kids are living. And beautiful vintage-style paper dolls that help kids with disabilities? Sold.

is a creative charity set up to raise funds for Présence, a school for children with developmental disabilities in the south of France. The entire price of
each card or paper doll purchased at their web site goes directly to
Présence. Even better: the pieces have no set prices — you choose your

The site offers paper doll cards, traditional paper doll sets,
and party invitations, for both boys and girls. The paper dolls have an
old fashioned feel to them that makes them irresistible, at least to me.

I have boys, so there’s not a lot of playing with paper
dolls around here, but these pieces are so beautifully rendered that you could
easily frame them and hang them in the nursery or playroom. Or in your
office, if you like quirky kid art in your own space. I’m thinking of
doing that myself, actually. -Susan

You can see the full range of TinyUs paper doll prints at TinyUs.