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Dinosaur 3DIt’s an amazing feeling to watch your child develop a love of reading and learning, especially if you’ve always been a bookworm yourself. But if your son or daughter needs a little more coaxing (especially as school winds down!), the new 3-D Dinosaur and 3-D Human Body books from DK Publishing literally come to life, drawing even the most reluctant readers right in.

This innovative series merges what parents love about hard copy books with the wonders of 3-D animation to create an interactive reading experience using “augmented reality” technology. Throughout the books, there are special icons that let the reader know a digital pop-out is on that page. With just a PC and a webcam, and by downloading the plug-in, your child will marvel as he holds the book up to the computer, and watches the illustrations seemingly jump right off the page. There’s no way he or she will find that boring.

In 3-D Dinosaur, your child will get to watch the various species roam, roar, and rule their environments. 3-D Human Body will get their hearts pumping as they can get an inside look at the inner workings of the body’s organs, learn about DNA, and more.

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