Simplisse Gia nursing pillow
You would think that after breastfeeding four kids, it would be a little bit like riding a bicycle. And in my head, it has been. But for my body? No way. Ouch! Yes, even a fourth-time breastfeeder still uses her pillow, except my old faithful has now been replaced with a new brilliant find.

The Simplisse Gia nursing pillow was created by one smart lactation consultant. It’s firm enough to help you support the baby but is brilliantly angled from thick to thin, allowing you to use the pillow comfortably in various positions but most obviously, keep the baby’s head up, which can help if you’ve got a wee one with reflux issues. And you can use it to prop the baby up in different ways too. Tummy time, ahoy!

The pillow itself is anti-microbial and made from a soft cotton so you can actually use it without a cover, though do yourself a favor and just get one. Since I’ve yet to see a baby who doesn’t ever spit up, I’d much rather wash the cover than the entire pillow.  -Kristen

You can purchase the Simplisse Gia nursing pillow at Babies r’ Us or at our affiliate

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