Fab.comAs a design junkie, imagine my delight at learning that Fab.com, a new flash-sale site featuring daily design deals, just launched today. Fab is a carefully curated collection of all the coolest stuff, for your home and your life, all at seriously great discounts.

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I’ve been getting rid of things around my house this summer, which means
that suddenly I have no lamps in the guest room and no coffee table in
the game room. I’m tired of the cluttered, hand-me-down look of our
space. What I really want is to have less stuff, and to have all of our
stuff be super cool.

So you can imagine where I’ll be spending time online now.

From what I’ve seen so far, Fab hunts down the designed version of common
household items — things you already need and use — and offers them
for up to 70% off the regular price. So I can find that super cool lamp
for the guest room, say, for a lot less than I would expect to pay.

Fab also has a Pinterest-style communal “mood board” called the Inspiration Wall,
where users can share design inspirations. The idea is that the
Inspiration Wall will help you imagine how the cool pieces up for sale
on the site could work in your space. It’s easily my favorite part of
the site; the user-contributed photos are stunning. Fab has me wanting
to do more than just make over my guest room; it has me wanting to
redesign my entire life.

Fortunately, now I know where to go to get all the cool stuff I’ll need to do just that. ~Susan

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