Father's Day Gift Guide
This is part 6 of our Father’s Day Gift Guide series.

There’s really no better way to celebrate dad on Father’s Day with a special gift just from the offspring. While of course they can “give him” nearly anything at all, we’ve found a bunch of awesome gifts from children’s artwork that are actually made by the kids. (Well, mostly.)

DIY printable handprint tree pdf

And all you need is a printer, paint, and a bunch of little hands to make this adorable DIY handprint tree PDF. Add a frame and it’s such a cool gift. ($10)

ROMP blank board books

Let your budding artists make their own book for dad with these blank board books that we’ve been fans of for a while.
Little ones can illustrate and dictate to you, while older kids can do
it on their very own–so long as the keep the Sharpies away from the sofa. ($2.50-8)

formia designs

If your kids have a penchant for drawing–maybe a picture of daddy?– artist Mia van Beek of Formia Designs can whip it into a coo handmade keychain or bookmark made from a child’s artwork. (prices vary)

Baking for Good Father's Day Cookies

Yummy Baking for Good cookies can be made with your kiddos’ favorite drawings on them. Even cooler
– 15% of your purchase goes to support his favorite charity. ($40/dozen)

child's drawing

When artwork is the gift itself, the HP Digital Photography Center has some great tips. You can scan even 3-D macaroni art to present on a DVD, or scan and reduce all the pictures of Dad that the kids have drawn, and assemble them in a photobook or scrapbook.

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