Eco-friendly wooden dinosaur toysSo my daughter has just embraced the wonderful world of dinosaurs–beyond Barney. This is a huge milestone. Huge.

To encourage her newfound love of the stegosaurus and the parasaurolophus and all non-purple dinosaurs, we’ve forgone plastic dino dudes in favor of something more natural–not to mention adorable.

Anamalz has just introduced a line of wooden prehistoric creatures to its popular critter coterie. With super-bendy legs, tails, arms, and necks, they’re perfectly posable and totally playable.

The eco-friendly factor here is high: every toy is handmade with sustainable maple (leftover wood is used to grow mushrooms on a farm) and painted with water-based child friendly paint, and the fabric on the bendy parts is azo- and formaldehyde-free. 

You can find them at Moolka and Hazelnut Kids, and be sure to watch for a new super-detailed cloth playmat (that converts into a storage bag!) at Fat Brain Toys.

Lately, my daughter and her little brother have had a few tug-of-wars over the dinos–uh, not that that’s what you’re looking to have happen, but it does say something about the gotta-have-it factor. -Lexi

Dig the new eco-consciously cool new dinos from Anamalz at MoolkaHazelnut Kids (get free shipping with code COOLMOM), and Fat Brain Toys.