I always wonder if it sounds pretentious when my children ask for gelato or sorbet. But then I figure, eh. Better than asking for those nasty ice cream truck things on sticks. Which, uh, they also do. When you’re five, I guess anything cold, creamy, and made with sugar will do.

In that spirit, I deigned to allow them to sample a few flavors of a delicious new gelato. That is, before writing MOMMY’S across the top in big black marker.

Aw, remember when we thought that Häagen-Dazs was super premium ice cream? No more. Talenti Gelato is rich, creamy, and made with actual super premium all-natural ingredients that make every flavor I tried exquisite.

Pistachio tastes like pistachios. Mediterranean Mint tastes like mint, not mouthwash. And Sea Salt Caramel? Hello, stupendous. That’s one 21st century flavor trend I hope never goes away.

The products are all hormone-free, HFCS-free, and only one flavor isn’t gluten-free. Need more justification? They’ve all got a minimum of 30% less fat than ice cream.

The Talenti Sorbetto flavors are next on my list to try. Country Hill Peach Champagne flavor? I’m getting out my Sharpie already.

Find Talenti Gelato at an increasing number of supermarkets and gourmet stores near you. And if you’re on a diet, don’t look at the photo gallery. I’m serious. I’m warning you.


Thanks to the company for sending us a few tubs for editorial consideration. Feel free to send more.