I can’t get enough of Pete the Cat. My kids are enamored. Their classmates are all entranced by the magical feline. Every week, I choose a book for the kindergarten class. But no matter what I pick, Pete the Cat is always read. Well, more like sung.

Here’s the backstory: James Dean, an artist in
Atlanta with a cult-like following, paints super cool cat portraits. He
teams up with Eric Litwin, a children’s musician and storyteller who
gives Pete a voice (and some shoes). 
They self publish Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. But it isn’t until a Pete the Cat YouTube video circulates of two young girls singing the infectious tune that the book and song go viral…Harper Collins style.

the clip and you too, will be enthralled by the rhythm, the moral of the
story, the grooviness of it all. I am all for anything
that teaches a kid to “keep walking along and singing his song.” –Eva
Pete the Cat is available at bookstores nationwide and online at our affiliate Amazon

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