Goorin Hat
When my kids were little, they threw their hats off the moment I put them on. I didn’t force the issue but I longed for the day that they would come to love and appreciate the hat not just for its utilitarian purpose, but as a fabulous fashion accessory.

Dear readers, that time is now. Don’t get me wrong, we love
our sports teams as much as the next–it’s just that I love choices that allow a kid to express their individuality, which is why Goorin Bros. is my dream come true.

Their gorgeous hats come in fabulous mini versions just for kids. The children’s hats in the Sand Cassel Kids collection range from fedoras to tweeds, and even super hipster baseball and trucker style caps. How cute is this cotton cadet hat?

My little one is
obsessed with the baseball hat with “the old music stuff on it.” He
means a boombox. Of course he does. –Eva

The Mini Mica shown here and other hats for kids are available at

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