Usually when I see a Kickstarter project, I think, “Huh. That’s kind of neat.” And then I see something shiny and move on with my day. But check this out: ReadyMade magazine’s founder, Grace Hawthorne, has created what just may be the perfect make-something-gorgeous-with-your-own-hands craft, and you can be one of the first to own it when you help fund her fantastic project.

Make a donation to Paper Punk via Kickstarter, and you’re able to purchase her first three available kits. And trust me, you’ll want it.

Watch the video on the site to get all the lowdown,
but basically each creation comes as a flat-packed series of pieces
which your kids can pop out, fold, and attach using included glue dots.
Follow the assembly instructions and then decorate with included

It’s an exercise in fine motor skill, geometry, and (perhaps most
importantly) art. The finished product is more futuristic looking than
origami, and a heck of a lot prettier than LEGOs (sorry, LEGO, you know I
love you). And because it’s downright educational, well, what could be
better? -Mir