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This post is sponsored by Yahoo! Every time someone clicks here to make Yahoo! your homepage, you’re showing your support for our charity.

Last week we told you how thrilled we were that our sponsor Yahoo! is donating $10,000 to our truly deserving charity, Baby Buggy. And all you have to do is make Yahoo! your homepage today to show your support for our charity, and their work with families in need.

We think that’s a darn good reason to do it, but here are a few more:

1.The Yahoo! homepage customizes content for you based on your interests and even the time of day

2. Do you know how cool that is?

3. Seriously, try it.

4. Your email, local news, world news, and entertainment news are all in one place. Because moms don’t have six million free hours a day.

5. This week, Dolly Parton was on the trending topics list on Yahoo! homepage.

If you happen to get on board, feel free to let us know here in comments, on Facebook, or or tweet us us @coolmompicks
with hashtag #babybuggy so we can say thanks back to you. On behalf of a whole lot of deserving moms.

-Liz + Kristen + Team Cool Mom Picks

post brought to you by our incredibly generous sponsor Yahoo! who also
happens to have an incredibly fun homepage. Such an easy way for busy
moms to keep up with news and current events.


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