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I don’t know about you, but these days, my inbox is totally overwhelmed with messages from good-deal sites. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all awesome deals–I’m glad I signed up for all of them, and wish I could nab every bargain. But for me to sign up for a new one these days, it has to be different from the others. That’s why Social Goodies is rocking my casbah.

Social Goodies is
the newest in daily-deals sites–but with a twist. Every day, there’s a
new, awesome deal up for grabs, like $12 for $24 worth of trendy
sunglasses from 80’s Purple, or $75 for $150 worth of gorgeously funky jewelry from Kristen Elspeth. Good stuff, right?

But here’s the difference: 20% from every purchase goes to a featured charity of your choice, like Doctors Without Borders, The Nature Conservancy, and Teach for America. In fact, Social Goodies has already donated more than $26,000 to worthy causes–including $20,000 to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. 

chance to save money on fun products and give money to a nonprofit, all
at the same time? Yeah, that’s another email I’ll welcome in my inbox.
No problemo.-Lexi

Buy cool stuff and give back with the daily deals from Social Goodies

Congratulations to Charissa C., Kristi D., Colleen J., Stephanie R. and Amy H. !  They each won a $20 certificate to ShoeBuy, courtesy of Social Goodies. 

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