mustache pillowsThe hipsters have spoken! From Williamsburg to Silverlake, the official motif of the 2011 hipster movement is…

the mustache.

Specifically, the curly handlebar moustache. If I’m not seeing it on the faces of the kinds of guys who have traded up from trucker hats and Pabst Blue Ribbon, (and, you know, ye olde time-y circus folk) I’m seeing it the most adorable art and design.

Here are 6 fabulous places to find mustaches. Not including 1980s-era Burt Reynold posters. –Liz

Mustache pillows at Freaky Fleece (makers of the cute floppy disc throw pillows we love at Cool Mom Tech) are the perfect way to add a little moustachio-d suavity to the man cave.

mustache brooch

This teeny sterling silver mustache brooch from Agambroult is one way that women can sport facial hair too. Upkeep should be minimal.

little man mustache onesie

The Little Man onesie from Eden Bella is too cute! I love the old Western block type too.

knitknit mustache pendant

The embroidered felt mustache necklace from CMP fave KnitKnit is made in Brooklyn. Of course.

someday i'll grow a mustache

For a children’s print with a sense of humor, check out the someday I’ll grow a mustache print. It’s part of a lovely three-part series at Pumpkin and Butterfly.

henri incognito

Why should humans get all the facial hair love? This cute stationery from henirhopper features Henri, incognito. In fact I didn’t even know it was Henri.