I’m heading out on our first European family vacation this summer (I know!) and, mom that I am, was already stressing out about the car seat situation. Just in time, I discovered the portable car booster seat Bubble Bum and have been doing the happy dance ever since.

Truly, I haven’t been this excited about a new kids’ product in a good long time.

This portable booster seat is wildly popular in Europe, and I’m thrilled it’s finally approved for sale in the US. I got the chance to try one and seriously? Awesome. The reason it’s portable is that it’s inflatable. Meaning you squish it into the traveling bag, pop it in your suitcase (it only weighs 1 pound!), then pump it up in the car. Even so, it’s incredibly sturdy; don’t think you’re seating your kids on some squeaky pool toy back there.

And yes, it’s safe–my own first question. Even the infamous Car Seat Lady gives it thumbs up.

Just blow it up, then thread the lap part of the seat belt through the hooks on the sides of the Bubble
Bum. If your kid is a little short (recommended minimum is 4 years old and 40 pounds), there’s also a shoulder harness adjustable guide strap to keep the seat belt from digging into the kid’s neck.
Bubble Bum inflatable booster seat Why I really love it though, is it’s not just for world travelers. It’s awesome to have one on hand for rental cars, for taxis if you’re a city mama, or just toss an extra in the trunk for surprise junior passengers–in fact it’s compact enough to allow you to fit three across in the back seat, should you find your daughter throwing a tantrum because her friend can’t ride with her. (Just me?)

At just under 40 bucks, it’s a super smart purchase. My only small complaint: the vibrant purple. But considering the color was chosen by a group of boys and girls, I figure eh, if it gets them excited about staying in a booster longer, so be it.

Welcome to our shores, Bubble Bum. We’re thrilled to have you.

You can find the inflatable Bubble Bum portable booster seat from bubblebum.us or online stores including Tots On The Go and our affiliate Amazon.com